You can create an inspired work life by identifying your highest values and connecting them to your work life.

People go to work for the purpose of fulfilling their highest values – what is most important to them. If a career fulfils these highest values they will be internally called to achieve.

Because our list or priorities or hierarchy of values can evolve through time, what inspires us can evolve. Sometimes our values can change slowly and at other times they can change more rapidly. Careers can be at one time fulfilling and then at another time feel uninspiring and initiate a desire for change.

What we would love to do in terms of our career will be according to what is highest on our true values or priorities. In other words, what is most important and meaningful to us. It is in the area of our highest values that we excel and where we are most spontaneously inspired from within to fulfil something meaningful and contributive to the world.

We become engaged and present and productive when we can see how what we are doing is meaningful and helping us fulfil our most inspired dreams and serving others. When we can’t wait to get up in the morning and deliver our service, people can’t wait to receive our service.

If we are not inspired by our daily mission of service at work we will feel unfulfilled and drained. Anything in our daily job duties that we cannot see as highly connected to our highest values will scatter, drain and frustrate us. It is wise to ask ourselves quarterly: “How specifically will this particular job responsibility help me fulfil my highest values or whatever is most important to me and my mission?”

You can determine your values by asking:

  • how you fill your space,
  • how do you spend your time on first,
  • how do you spend your energy most,
  • what do you spend your money on most,
  • where are you most organized,
  • where are you most disciplined & focused,
  • what do you inwardly think about most,
  • what do you visualize & realize most,
  • what do you talk to others about most,
  • what inspires you most,
  • what are you most consistent & persistent long term goals?

Let me assist you in linking your values to your daily tasks in order to maximize your potential and create your inspired work life.

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