Why You Need To Know Your Values

Aligning with your core values will add purpose to your life.

When your daily actions do not align with your highest values, you won’t be eager to get up in the morning. So what could you wisely do? Be sure you know what your top three highest values are – what is truly most important to you. For example, ask yourself: What energises you at work or at home? What is it that you love doing each day that also serves others? What do you always find money for and to do? In a social situation, what do you most frequently desire to talk about? What are the top three goals you’re persistently keen to achieve? Pay close attention to what you are inspired by and what you spontaneously do each day and you will discover what you value most. Creating a life around your highest priorities and strategizing your day in such a way to fulfill that is powerful.

By subordinating to the authority of others you automatically decrease the probability of living true to your own highest values. Remember envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide. As Albert Einstein emphasized; his contempt for authority made him one. You are not here to live in the shadows of anyone, only to stand upon the shoulders of the greats.

People are dedicated to fulfilling their own highest values, not necessarily yours. When they perceive that you are communicating in a way that helps them fulfill what is most meaningful and important to them, they calm down and become receptive and more attentively listen. Help them fulfill what they desire and they in turn will soften their stance and turn around to assist with what you desire.

Understanding the hierarchy values of others is essential for dissolving conflicts, developing effective communication and achieving balanced relationships. It assists us to communicate more effectively and feel a deeper connection with others. Judging yourself and others, like your colleagues can become a thing of the past when we learn to communicate in a caring manner.

Whenever you’re doing things that are highest on your value list, you feel purposeful. If you fill your day with high-priority things that are meaningful and inspiring to you, you will be more self-governed in your behaviour and you will have less volatility. When you’re doing something that’s high on your value list, you tend to increase the probability of accomplishment. And when you accomplish things, you tend to set bigger goals over longer periods of time. When you do, your time horizons grow, your goals get bigger and you have more meaning to go after them and you’re willing to embrace pain and pleasure in pursuit of them.


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