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Why You Should Consider Online Coaching

Online coaching is a relatively new way of providing coaching services over the Internet. This can be done via email, video conferencing, chats, Skype, Zoom, et cetera et cetera. It has become quite common in the last year due to the Coronavirus.

Apart from the current pandemic, a coach can maintain your anonymity over the cyberspace while you can still feel free to express yourself. It can be just as healing as a face-to-face coaching session and improve your life equally.

Online coaching has also provided an opportunity for disabled people and people with difficult schedules as well as people that are long distances away or in remote areas to obtain coaching services.

You can obtain coaching at any time any place, where and when it suits you.

Avoiding waiting rooms and traffic.

Online coaching is not suitable for people who do not have the technology or uncomfortable with technology and have little privacy at home. They will not reap the rewards of having coaching sessions online.

Technology has improved our lives on many levels. Online coaching provides an easy & convenient way to receive coaching sessions.

Online coaching by Mira:

Your first coaching session will be free and will normally take about 10 to 15 minutes. The first session is a chance for you to meet your coach and to ask questions about the coaching. It is normally an introductory coaching session. Discussions will be around the type of challenges you are struggling with or lifestyle changes you would like to make. It also provides the coach with an opportunity to determine if he or she can help you with the challenges and to determine the program framework and costs. It also provides the coach with background information to base the relationship on and to base future discussions on. If you feel comfortable with the coach after the first meeting then formal sessions can be set up. If there is a problem with the Internet connection or with the electricity supply sessions are rescheduled at an agreed-upon time and place at no extra charge.

Contact Mira to schedule a no-obligation 15-minute introductory online coaching session.

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